Apple in Talks to Add Subscription Periodicals to the iPad

What do you think of iPad-tailored subscriptions for newspapers and magazines? Do you currently read print publications? Would you be more or less likely to subscribe to a tablet-friendly digital version?

I have to admit, I’m a print girl at heart. I mean, don’t get me wrong I think the iPad is super cool (can’t wait to own one of my own one day) but while I definitely get the convenience, and according to this article the cost-effectiveness of being able to view publications online, I’m not sure the September issue of Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar will be as exciting to read. Now maybe it depends on the type of publication, news, trades, tech, sure -but fashion and the celebrity rags – I’m gonna opt for the old fashion print versions.

What’s your take?

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If Apple gets its way, the next big wave of content to hit iTunes might be magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is trying to convince publishers to offer newspaper and magazine subscriptions for the iPad through Apple’s own portal.

Even before the iPad was launched, rumors of this sort of arrangement were already underway. Many of the Western world’s biggest publishers, including Time Inc., Hearst and Condé Nast, released iPad-optimized magazines or newspapers to coincide with the product’s release.

However, magazines have been limited to single issue sales. Some apps notify a user when a new issue is available, but at $4 or $5 an issue, most users are unlikely to forego a print or online subscription for iPad content.



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