Home Depot vs. JetBlue: Who engages better on Facebook? And why is doing social media well such a challenge?

Its surprising but there are companies out there that are still struggling with how to correctly use social media. The biggest challenge seemingly, how to effectively “engage” with a target audience. Big brands continue to push their marketing message and their own agendas rather than using social media to be, well, “social”.

While you can of course use social media as yet another tool to extend awareness for your brand, your strategy needs to be less about YOU and more about the needs of your audience.

Here’s my question – why are brands struggling? As human beings we communicate and engage with one another, all day every day. So why is it soo difficult to extend that level of engagement to your brand and out to your customers?

Is the challenge that brands are just so set in their ways when it comes to marketing that they are just doing social media cause they know they have to, no matter how they do it? Or are these organizations just so large and slow moving that it’s difficult to get the marketing engine (and higher-ups) on board to take the plunge and to actually start making personal connections with their audience. Or maybe it’s as simple as bandwidth/resources? Because it’s no secret that to do social media well, you need to consistently be out there communicating and engaging with people – while also being authentic.Maybe it’s all of the above? What’s your take?

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Article Highlights:

  • When and how to move the conversation offline, and how to effectively write a post that allows for it, are key decisions

  • By asking for direct contact information, one company actively sought to bring the customer out from the cold and take the conversation offline

  • One brand fans the fires of consumer discontent by using an impersonal tone, poor grammar, and indirect answers

Learning to engage consumers on Facebook involves a study in online behavior with a steep learning curve. The potential for pitfalls are prevalent, so many businesses simply choose to dictate content and not directly engage consumers at all. Others, however, are engaging their consumers personally — some with success, though others are struggling. The key is to understand online consumer behavior and form your strategies accordingly.

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