Stars Over 40 Dominate September Magazine Covers; Is Our Youth-Obsessed Culture Over? #fashi

There’s been some buzz about the fact that all the covers of the high-end fashion magazines September issues (the year’s biggest issue) feature women over 40. Not sure if this means that our youth-obsessed culture is over, or that the editors of these publications know what sells and that their thirty-something demographic relates more to Jennifer Aniston than to the chic from that Twighlight movie (sorry…I’m a 30-something).

“They’re cool, fashionable, interesting, compelling — they have something to say,” Harper’s Bazaar projects /features director Laura Brown told the publication. “I love that they’ve grown into their style. One of the things about getting older is you do grow into your sense of self. You don’t look victim-y anymore.”

More magazine editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour agrees, saying that stars like Aniston, Roberts, and Berry have “real style, real staying power, real beauty. As the American population continues to grow older, everyone can relate better to a woman with a little wear on her tires.”

So is the youth obsessed culture over? I guess it all depends on who you ask – I mean someone in their 20s might argue that “Snookie”of “Jersey Shore” fame would have been a better choice over Julia Roberts, right?

About Claire

I am a WAHM of Irish Twins, Liam 3 and Maeve 2. I've been a PR exec for 15 yrs - and absolutely love what I do. Beyond work and family I am a total foodie who enjoys entertaining and spending time with friends and family - when' I'm not drooling over fashion and catching up on celebrity 'news'.
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