Confirmed: HOPA Dry Erase Girl Is A Hoax, Identity Revealed;

Pretty impressive. And what’s interesting is that this hoax hit the same day the “Jet Blue Hero” made headlines.Why do you think these two ‘stickin it to the man’ type stories struck such a chord? Is it the over the top circumstances or perhaps that in this day and age people are all about pulling for the underdog? Hoax or not – these two have caused white a stir.

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All they had to do was post the images of Porterfield holding the dry erase board on The Chive at around 4:30 am this morning, and College Humor re-posted, followed shortly by TechCrunch. Resig says they targeted us because his publicist said that they should try for a TechCrunch write-up (Nice work guys). When asked if this was done purely to garner traffic and get media attention, Resig responded,

“We didn’t do this for the media. I’d did it almost to prove to myself that I had it in me, to make something go viral at 4:30 in the morning before the world wakes up. You get a pure thrill of watching your site go from 15,000 uniques to 440,000 uniques in a single hour, watching yourself sucker every site from a-z who didn’t do their backstory.”

And later, “It struck a personal chord. And people wanted to share it.” To the tune of 238k facebook shares and 31k tweets. Based on what was essentially a lie. The brothers told a skeptical Peter Kafka that Jenny was “real,” they told us that people “want to believe.”



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