‘Irish Twins’

This is a real stretch – my own blog. I work in PR/social media and over the last few years I’ve seen just about everyone jump on the blogging bandwagon. CEOs, celebrities, politicians…and yes moms. Lots of moms. Moms who share stories about their children, their husbands, their careers – and everything in between. And while many of these womens’ stories may sound the same, their reasons for sharing them can be very different.

So here I am a mother of Irish Twins. I typically use that term ‘Irish Twins’ when someone asks me the age of my children. I casually mention it to strangers, assuming that everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. But people don’t.  Most people just nod their heads and say “Yea, I thought they were twins”. The I correct them and immediately respond – “No, my son Liam and daughter Maeve are in fact a year apart…almost to the day, hence the term Irish Twins.”  And then that’s when I typically get one of three reactions, the blank stare, the perplexed look like I’m speaking a different language or the grimace followed by comments like “Wow, did you plan that?”, to which I respond … “no, would you?”.

While I absolutely adore my two little cherubs, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend having Irish Twins (and neither would most OBGYNs).  We found out we were pregnant with Maeve when Liam was just over 2 months old. Who knew? Apparently not my husband and I. So here we are, figuring this all out as we go along; each day learning something new, about our children and about ourselves.

Starting today, I will use this blog as a way to share our milestones, our trials and our tribulations with anyone that will listen (most likely close friends and family).  I will use this platform to share pictures, videos, and sound bites of our daily life.

Buckle up … it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 🙂

Stay tuned…

Liam and Maeve St. Patrick's Day 2010

About Claire

I am a WAHM of Irish Twins, Liam 3 and Maeve 2. I've been a PR exec for 15 yrs - and absolutely love what I do. Beyond work and family I am a total foodie who enjoys entertaining and spending time with friends and family - when' I'm not drooling over fashion and catching up on celebrity 'news'.
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